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If you are looking for a church you can call home, CONNECT is the perfect way to see if Elevate can be a home church for you. Come to a Heart & Soul calls following each service to meet our pastors, staff, team leaders, and learn more about who we are.

CONNECT is also our track to become a member of Elevate. Join a Heart & Soul class and we will help you with next steps.

What to Expect?

A relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Do I have to Commit to anything if I come?

Absolutely Not! Our heart behind our Heart & Soul class is to introduce you to our church. In that class if you decide you want to call Elevate your home we will give you next steps into membership and plugging into the serving culture of our church.


How long is the Class?

Our class last between 20-30 min

What about my Kids?

Our Elevate Kids team is prepared to continue watching your kids until connect is over. Once connect is over you can go check your kids out of their class.

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