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It's our responsability  to love our city


Pastor or Leader, 

As you know, our world, country, and cities have not seen the impact of fear like this in our lifetime. It has been labeled a pandemic. It is in all of our hearts to lead our church family and help serve our city. 


As much as we want to get into the streets right now, the leaders of our city are asking us not to. So if we can’t rally for a serve day, how do we serve our city? We’ve decided to launch a “Love thy Neighbor” game plan for our church family. We have encouraged them to knock on their neighbor’s door that lives to the right and left of them to help serve. We are sending out daily emails with ways on “how to serve your neighbor” included. I do believe that this could have a greater impact on serving our city than ever before. We are also asking our church family to email us stories of impact. Our long term game plan will transition to feeding and providing resources once our city allows us to rally on the streets again. In the meantime, this is our short term game plan to serve our city. 


We have put together a 21-day game plan of ideas with how to coach your church family on loving their neighbor. Also included is a daily Declaration of Hope and scripture to encourage your church family and others. We are holding daily prayer meetings online using this content  as well. 


We have attached a Dropbox link with graphics to use if needed for your church or organization.  


I believe this can be one of the  greatest moments for the local church to shine. All of this is leading into what I believe will be your best Easter to date. We are praying for you and are here for you if you need anything. Bring your city Jesus!

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